Tribute for SDS Sansarona

By Sittie Nazimah O. Rascal

Supt. Pharida L. Sansarona

ILIGAN CITY | The colleagues and co-workers of SDS Pharidah L. Sansarona prepared a series of farewell and tribute parties for her retirement. This just means that she is truly loved by many and she is a good public servant.

One of the farewell party that was prepared by her MCD Kapamilya (Family) took place at MSU-Ayala Resort on July 30, 2021, which also happened to be her birthday.

The brother and daughter of the honoree gave their inspiring and touching messages that proves how good a sister and a mother she is not only at her job but also at home.

As a tribute to their mother, Sansarona’s children also performed a song she always sang at home which touched the hearts of everyone.

The best friends and co -workers of Sansarona who also shared their farewell messages were Fatimah P. Mognie, PhD, JD; Division Councilor Faridah S. Balong; and SDS of Elementary and Senior High Sobaida D. Ampuan, PhD.

A short video of Senator Bong Go flashed on the screen as he greeted Sansarona a ‘Happy Birthday’ and thanked her for her service. Bong Go, also gave her tokens.

Furthermore, The Ranao Star awarded a plaque of recognition with a bouquet of roses to SDS Sansarona for her dedication, integrity and outstanding performance as an educator and a public servant discerned by the members of the Fourth Estate, and also for her birthday.

It was a mixed emotion event where everybody was happy at the same time sad for the retirement of their loving SDS.

Indeed, “11 years is so fast for a good leader”.

The Ranao Star

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