Stately ‘Dulang Festival’ to highlight enthronement of the New Sultan of Bacolod in Marawi, Lanao

Marawi City, Lanao del Sur
September 1, 2016

The First Maranao Dulang Festival will highlight the enthronement of the new Sultan of Bacolod of the Lima a Pumagsopa sa Marawi in Lanao on September 11, 2016 as a way of honoring Eid’l Adha which falls on Sunday, and a thanksgiving fete as well for the enthronement of a new leader.

Important personalities in the country are expected to grace the occasion to be held at the MSU Gymnasium.

It is also said that no less than Bae Soraya Bedjuria Alonto Adiong, Lanao del Sur governor, and Atty. Majul U. Gandamra, mayor of the Islamic City of Marawi, will lead the festivity.

To be enthroned as new Sultan of Bacolod is Atty. Nasrollah B. Conding also known as Nasrollah Ibn Muhammad Siddiq in Islamic rite. He is descendant of Radia Panimbang of the three siblings whose descendants are entitled to the Sultanate. The other siblings are Sarip and Masla.

The incoming sultan is the son of Atty. Pilimpinas Conding (Muhammad Siddiq), son of Sultan Conding, son of Sultan Arindig, son of Sarip Muhammad and son of Radia Panimbang.

He will replace the late Sultan Abet Lomondot, descendant of Masla, who died years ago.

The Sultanate of Bacolod is one of the five territorial constitutions of Marawi (Lima Pumagsopa sa Marawi) within Mala Bayabao, a subdivision of Bayabao of the Four Prefectural Realms of Lanao (Pat a Pungampong a Ranao.)

Atty. Nasrollah is at present the OIC-Revenue District Officer of the Bureau of Internal Revenue-Revenue District Office No. 102 in Marawi City.

In an interview, the incoming Sultan Conding told the New Ranao Star that the Dulang Festival is not just like any other Pagana event. It is a great event, he said, and he expected the event to be successful considering the commitment of the city government and other leaders.

In his congratulatory message to the incoming Sultan, Mayor Majul U. Gandamra was elated that the Sultanate of Bacolod will now have a new Sultan who is one of his close relatives.

“As one of the scions and direct stakeholders of the Royal sultanate of Bacolod, Marawi City, I am grateful that after almost a decade of having no Sultan now, emerges one of my close relatives, ATTY. NASROLLAH BACARAT CONDING bin Arindig bin Sharief Muhamad, as the New Sultan of Bacolod,” the city mayor said.

The city mayor added that “My great grandfather, Almarhum Sultan Hj. Gandamra Condo was the 5th Sultan of Bacolod decades after the first Sultan, Almarhum Sultan Arindig, the eldest son of Sharief Muhammad, one of the founding fathers of the Sultanate of Bacolod.”

It was learned that Mayor Gandamra has pledged his commitment for the success of the event. He is said to take care of the tarpaulins announcing the event as well as Maranao cultural flags displayed in different parts of the city.

Floats will also be paraded as part of the celebrations.

Incoming Sultan Conding said, “This is not ordinary. Immediately after the Eid’l Adha congregational prayer, the participants will proceed to the MSU gymnasium for the Dulang Presentation.”

He said prizes will be awarded to those who will have presented best Dulang. Generally, category is based on impressive food taste, décor arrangement and wholesomeness, among others, according to the Maranao tradition.

First prize is P50,000, second is P30,000 and third is P20,000.

The enthronement of the new Sultan will be officiated before the opening of the Dulang Festival.

Since Marawi is within the territorial realm of Mala-Bayabao, one of the three Pungampongan a Bayabao, Conding will be enthroned by the Sultan of Ditsaan or the Sultan of Ramain. Bayabao is one of the greater prefectures of the Pat a Pungampong a Ranao.

The incoming Sultan and family will treat free lunch to guests, participants and spectators expected to be around 5,000.

Conding said five thousand lunch boxes will be provided. Honored and important guests, however, will be treated in Dulang. The New Ranao Star

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