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To Run or Not to Run

By Judge Panambulan M. Mimbisa

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RANAO STAR: An adventure of struggles

It was in the old Marawi, the Philippine’s Islamic city in the country south, that we first established Ranao Star in May, 2003. Years later when Typhoon Sendong destroyed its office, it was renamed The New Ranao Star. And it was during the 2017 Marawi Siege which totally destroyed everything it had made and physically owned that we renamed it ‘Ranao Star Philippines’ (RSP).

Ranao Star Philippines is a news media organization aimed to promote Islam, human rights and sustainable peace and development by bringing to the world what we perceive is true news in this part of the world.

We support peace and unity despite diversity and by its name we dedicate this work to the Maranaos, the people of the Lake (Ranao), and to all peace loving citizens of the world. So help us God.” (RSP)

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    1. Salam. Yes we watched and shared your live program last Saturday. Thanks for always mentioning RANAO STAR PHILIPPINES of which you are already a part. Mabuhay.

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