Bacolod-Kalawi LDS: MADAC General Intervention Session

By Municipal Government of Bacolod-Kalawi

The Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council held another brief intervention session on June 4, 2021 at the Municipal Hall, Bacolod-Kalawi, Lanao del Sur.

Present to the intervention session were Chief of Police PTCP Macabantong A. Batao, Jr. and Dra. Noor-Hanifah M. Anshary. It was participated by the persons who used drugs (PWUDs) of Barrangays in the City.

Chief of Police PTCP Macabantog A. Batao, Jr. and Dra. Noor-Hanifah M. Anshary discussed recent updates about the municipal-wide drug clearing with the pwrsons who used drugs (PWUDs) of Barangays Liawao, Orong, Tuka-II, Pindolonan, Balut, Tambo, and Raya.

Furthermore, the local doctor propounded the health risks brought by smoking and expanded discussions on keeping the municipality healthy. TRS

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