Mastura Manabilang is New Sultan of Ranao

Former Bumbaran Mayor and now Sultan sa Ranao 
Mastura Manabilang (second from left) poses with 
some friends and relatives.

By Frank E. Dosdos, Jr.
Marawi City

The undefeated and unopposed Mayor for three consecutive terms of Bumbaran, Lanao del Sur was enthroned as the new Sultan of Ranao last November 30.

Mayor Mastura Dalig Bagambang Manabilang of Bumbaran was enthroned during colorful Maranao rites held at the Lanao del Sur Capitol Auditorium in Marawi City.

Mayor Manabilang is a direct descendant of Amai Manabilang, father-in-law of Congressman Ibra Gundarangin who was enthroned as the first Sultan sa Ranao during the American Regime.

He was chosen as the 6th Sultan sa Ranao based on his integrity, leadership capability and credibility.

Sultan Mastura Manabilang was born on December 26, 1956 in Raya Madaya in the Islamic City of Marawi to Hadji Cosain Amai Manabilang and Hadja Asila Bagambang Dalig.

He finished his Elementary Education at Macapanton Abbas Memorial Elementary School.

He completed his secondary and tertiary education at the Pangarungan Islam Colleges.

He later served in the defunct Philippine Constabulary, predecessor of the Philippine National Police.

He is married to Hadja Hedjara Lydia Eclar Manabilang from Buhi, Camarines Sur, a former Professor of Mindanao State University with whom he has seven successful children, namely: Datu Khalil Manabilang, Hadja Sittie Khadijah Musmera married to Hadji Abdul Razak Junile Mimbala Dida-agun Usman Rashid Dimaporo, Mayor Diamal married to Arch Hanan Pacasum Bacarat Ali Daromimbang Tomawis, Hadji Muhammad Khalid married to May Ann Cristini Noble, Hon. Saidamen married to Nikko Isabella Aldeguer Estaniel, Datu Mark Nasseb E. Manabilang and Hadja Saada married to Hadji Ishamel Norjihad Alangadi Lomodag Racman Pimping Maniri.

Manabilang’s family lives according to Maranao custom and traditions. Members have close ties and are living according to the will of Allah.

As Mayor of Bumbaran for three consecutive terms, he led the people in turning the municipality from 6th class to 3rd class. He constructed the Municipal Building Hall, Bumbaran Auditorium, ABC Hall, Day Care and Rural Health Centers, Multi-purpose Buildings, Bumbaran Public and Flea Market and 11 Warehouse with Solar Dryers.

Several school-buildings were also constructed and the Amai Manabilang Memorial National High School was established.

Two big Mosques, the Amai Manabilang Mosque and the Manabilang Services, Inc. (MSI) Mosques, were also built.

Now, the municipality has 28 kilometers of concrete roads, farm to market roads and potable water system.

Bumbaran has its own Municipal Electric System making it the only municipality in Lanao del Sur and the ARMM that has its own electric power supply franchise.

In 2004, Mayor Manabilang met Filipino American John Paul Perrine, the Country Manager of Unifrutti, Philippines, who decided to invest in a 540-hectare banana plantation in Bumbaran. Unifrutti is an international company based in Cincinatti, Ohio, U.S.A. It has plantations in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

The plantation created jobs for the town’s population and triggered its phenomenal economic growth.

In a message, John Paul Perrine described Mayor Manabilang as “a man of his word” who “always speaks the Truth” and has the “Courage to stand on the front line.” To the people of Lanao, Perrine said, “You have chosen a man of rare Integrity to be the Sultan of Lanao.”

With the enthronement of Mayor Mastura Manabilang as Sultan of Ranao many are looking forward to the day when the economic growth and prosperity of Bumbaran will be replicated in the other communities of the Sultanate.

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3 thoughts on “Mastura Manabilang is New Sultan of Ranao

  1. Ang tinutukoy dyan ng 'Ranao ' ay isang lugar sa Marawi City na malapit sa Ranao (Lanao) Lake or Tabing Ranao (Lake) .. God bless po!


  2. Sultan of Ranao . Ang ibihg sabihin ng 'Ranao'' dyan ay isang part lang ng Marawi ..Ang Ranao dyan ay isang bario lang sa Marawi City hindi whole Lanao ..


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