Unity and prayer a must in dealing with COVID-19


I am appealing to our Maranao brothers and sisters to cooperate with our government local authorities in containing the spread of 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). Let us not take for granted their concern for us. I believe that what they are doing is for the interest and welfare of all of us.

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Turkey suspends mass prayers in mosques over Covid-19 | New Straits Times

Don’t ever ignore the advises of our health officials especially those from the Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO) and city/municipal Rural Health Offices (RHUs). There is no harm in following them. To follow their advises is more safer than being heedlessly arrogant, especially at this global health crisis.

In Unity there is strength

I also appeal for our people to be united. In unity there is strength and God has commanded us Muslims to be always united. There is no room for us to remain disunited.

Disunity has always given us vivid sign as the reason for all our miseries and sufferrings as a people. Let us stop politicking, of accusing our leaders of something we have not proven wrong. Politicking will never ever give us good at this point in time. The more it will divide us.

The use of Calamity Fund should be utilized properly

I’m just wondering if Executive Order (EO) No. 001 jointly issued by Lanao del Sur (LDS) Governor Mamintal Adiong Jr. and Marawi City (MC) Mayor Majul Gandamra did mention about utilizing the Quick Response Fund (QRF) or Calamity Fund in placing Lanao Sur and Marawi City under Community Quarantione (CQ) to prevent the local spread of the pandemic 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19.)

In Iligan City, Mayor Regencia specified in his EO No. 29 (a copy I got hold, thanks to Marawi Sultan Pogi Atar) the use of QRF as approved by a resolution on March 13, 2020 of Iligan City Sangguniang Panlungsod. Regencia also clearly specified ways on how to prevent COVID-19 local transmission.

Need for immediate assistance already felt

LDS and MC residents are now limited in their movement, especially on livelihood, and, maybe, sooner than expected, food and basic needs, including urgent medical necessities which are now becoming very scarce, will pose more dangerous than this dreaded COVID-19.

The need of immediate assistance is already felt. Obviously, the QRF or a calamity fund should be used for emergencies to save lives of the many. And the proper use of such fund should be clearly laid down in detail not only for the constituents to know as their inherent right but also to make sure that no waste is incurred in utilizing it for general welfare.

Let us pray that we be united in dealing with this crisis. Let us be constant in our beseech for the forgiveness and the Mercy and Blessing of the Creator of all the worlds, Allah swt. Ameen.


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