Seated (L-) at the Presidential table are 
CED MSU-Marawi topnotchers 2015
 Ms Sonia Macasantos Alensub (8th 
placer) Secondary level, Mr Harold 
Anjoben Copag E.6th placer Elementary
level (MSU-IIT), PRC CDO Regional Julie 
Sabalza, PRC Chair, PRBPT Dr. Rosita 
Navarro,Dr. Paz Lucido,Dr. Paraluman 
Giron, PRBPT Members, Aliyarezah 
Barodi Gutoc, 4th Placer Elementary 
level & Ms Omelkhair Pascan Ampang, 
6th placer,6th Placer Elementary level.


Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

Three top notch graduates from the College of Education Mindanao State University main campus, led the oath taking ceremony last January 17 at Liceo De Cagayan University Gymnasium Civic Center, R.N. Pelaez Blvd, Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City of 2,101 graduates who successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers given by the Professional Regulatory Commission last September 27, 2015 in all designated testing centers nationwide.
Leading the oath taking ceremony were Ms. Aliyarezah Barodi Gutoc, 4th place, 86.00%, followed by Ms. Omelkhair Pascan Ampang, 6th place, 85.60% both in the Elementary level and Ms. Sonia Macasantos Alensub, 8th place, 88.20%, in the Secondary level.

The oath taking of professionals for new licensed teachers for 2015 was administered by Dr. Rosita L. Navarro, Chairman, Professional Regulatory Board, for Professional Teachers (BPT) who was also the keynote speaker of the ceremony.

In her speech, Dr. Navarro said, “My dear new teachers, you are about to enter a demanding profession; one that bears the three distinguishing features of every respected profession: (1) it is based on a systematized body of scientific principles; (2) its primary objective is service to one’s fellowmen; (3) it is guided in actual practice by universally accepted ethical norms and standards.

Having passed the Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT), you demonstrated proficiency in the science of teaching which ensures society that you deserves acceptance to the teaching profession. Acceptance is just the beginning; service to our fellowmen and faithfulness to the teacher’s code of ethics will be your lifetime commitment to our noble profession. Navarro stressed.”

Awarding of medals and certificates of distinction to the topnotchers, was headed by Dr. Navarro, Chairman (BPT), Dr. Paz I. Lucido, Dr.Paraluman R. Giron Members and assisted by Ms. Julie L. Sabalza, Supervising PRO and Officer-in-Charge, Region 10, Northern Mindanao.

Among those who were awarded medals and certificates of distinction were Ms Aliyarezah Barodi Gutoc, 4th place and Ms Omelkhair Pascan Ampang, 6th place both in the Elementary level, Ms. Sonia Macasantos Alensub, 8th place in the Secondary level.

Also awarded were Ms Icee Tibay Galinato, 4th place, Elementary level of St Michael College of Caraga, Inc, Agusan del Norte, and Mr. Harold Anjoben Copag Espinile, 6th place, Elementary level of MSU-IIT.

Dean Dr. Montia Jamilah D. Sarip of the College of Education MSU-Marawi assisted the awardees together with their respective parents in receiving their medals and certificates.

The occasion was highlighted by the awarding of three top-performing schools: In the Elementary level, Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City, 8th place, MSU-IIT of Iligan City, 9th place; in the Secondary level, Philippine Normal University of Agusan del Norte, 4th place and Xavier University, 5th place of Cagayan de Oro City.

These top-performing schools were determined by the number of takers and passers in accordance with the criteria set by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

In here message, PRC commissioner Ar Yolanda D. Reyes, Fuap, Piep, HFaia, Apec Architect, Asean Architect, Likka Awardee, said, “The license you will obtain will enable you to provide our youth with relevant knowledge and skills to become productive citizens, not only of our country but also of the world as the Philippines joins the ranks of globalized economies. Your role as mentors to the next generation will come to the fore as the Philippines gears for economic integration in the ASEAN Economic Community paving the way for highly globalized professional services.”

Responses from the topnotchers were given. They said that “Every story has an ending, but in life, every end is a new beginning.” “Walang katulad na happiness eto.” “Yes, we made it because we deserve it.”

Meanwhile, a PRC official said, “In order to pass the Licensure Examination, each should obtain an average of not lower than 75% having no less than 50% rate in any portion of the test.”

According to RA 736, to become a licensed teacher, each should take the LET to put up the regulation and to practice teaching here in the Philippines. Furthermore, it is mandated that the results are posted not more than 40 working days.

During the September 27, 2015 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers, 21,461 elementary level out of 68,442 with a national passing percentage of 31.36% passed.

In the secondary level, 34,010 or 41.75% of 81,463 successfully hurdled the examination for LET.

Dr. Navarro cited in her speech, “The PRC announced that of the 21,461 elementary teachers who passed, 20,145 are first-timers while 1,316 are repeaters. For the secondary level, 29,443 passers are first-timers and 4,567 are repeaters.”

Dr. Paraluman R. Giron rendered her closing remarks followed by the Exit of Colors, ROTC honor guards of Liceo de Cagayan University, PRC-CDO officials and Staff, Guests and Academe.



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