SULTAN ABBAS APPEALS TO THE EU: Condemn US, Sino and Aussie Intervention

The chairman of the Executive Council of Bagsa Mranaw Congress (BMC), Sultan Firdausi I.Y. Abbas, Sultan of Lanao, condemned the United States of America, China and Australia for offering to send troops to Marawi which he called intervention.

During his meeting last October 13, 2017 with officials of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium headed by Gunnar Wiegand, Managing Director for Asia and the Pacific, the Sultan of Lanao lambasted these countries “for their shameless adventurism and irresponsible and contemptible actuations which would be a magnet for foreign fighters to fight and create another Beirut in Asia.”

He appealed to the European Union to condemn the USA, China, and Australia for their intervention.

The week before, Abbas met the President of the State Parliament of Landstag in Dusseldorf, Germany and visited the Bundestag, the upper chamber of the German Parliament the week before. 

“When they will begin to send their soldiers home in bags ,” Abbas stressed, “then they will know how Mranaws fight as they fought the Americans before who had to invent the Cal. 45 to stop an attacking Mranaw which did not work,”
Director Gunnar thanked Sultan Abbas for his honest, direct and very vivid presentation. 

That same day the EU officials met and decided to visit Marawi this January though some wanted to go next month and may give financial assistance according to one of the officials. (MNY/RSP)

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