By Aji Garbanzos
September 15, 2018

MANILA: The late Senator Tomas L Cabili was a great defender of the rights of the Muslim minority in 1935, and, if he were alive today, the Muslims it could be possible that the Moro problem would have been solved long time ago, and that “…the Muslims in the Philippines can get a law better than the BBL plus the Organic Act governing the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao,” as facebooker Gammy G. Anugod said.

Anugod opined: “It seems that majority of the delegates to the 1935 constitutional convention believed that the Moros were backward and ignorant people. But Senator Tomas Cabili defended the Moros and told the delegates that this people have their own culture, religion and alphabet and that their percentage of literacy was higher than those of the Christians.”

The above document (thanks to the friendly and amiable Library Staff of the HREP for assisting me on this) will prove what I mean.

Another document (below) is a local newspaper article which testifies that the late Senator Tomas Cabili was largely responsible for encouraging then Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay to run for the Presidency without any personal interest in return. 

President Magsaysay in return offered the Vice Presidency to Senator Cabili with the assurance that he (Cabili) will be the next President after his term ends as President. The late President Magsaysay was so aggressive on his intent to make Cabili his VP that he even offered that he and Senator Cabili signed a written covenant to seal the agreement. To which Senator Cabili said, “Mr. President you can never do that”. Magsaysay asked “Why not Tom?” And Senator Cabili answered, “Because the Presidency is not a matter of a written covenant but should be the will of the people”. 

And that, my fellow Iliganons, speaks of the untinted principle of the man-Senator Tomas Cabili, the exemplary Iliganon. (Source: Fulgencio Cabili) – RSP

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