Mulondo LGU holds book launching ceremony for learners

July 23 | LTC Romulus B. Rabara INF (GSC) PA, Commanding officer of 5th IB, 11D, Philippine Army organized a Book Launching and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies respectively in partnership with DepEd-Lanao del Norte represented by Rasmila M. Cosain, Senior Education Program Specialist, Mulondo District under the supervisorship of Dr. Salma D. Mangoao, LGU-Mulondo led by Hon. NIHARA M. PANANDIGAN represented by Atty. Aliyasah P. Mala, Chief of Staff and Maam Merlyn Manos of Kiwanis International.

The said activities aimed to respond on the needs of the learners to access quality books that will surely contemplate them to learn basic writing and reading.

In his message LTC Rabara gave emphasis on the needs to provide accessible learning materials among the learners.

“Our educators should give importance on the reading as primary part of our educational curriculum and develop among our learners the love for reading.” LTC Rabara said.

Following the message of LTC Rabara was the distribution of school supply packages containing backpacks, notebooks and coloring materials.

At the later part of the program, the learners enthusiastically participated with the various activities all set for them. It was then post dated by the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Mini Library given to Mulondo Central Elementary School.

LGU Mulondo is grateful to the generous donors and to Kiwanis International for the Mannapacks. LGU Mulondo

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