Eid’l Fitr Greetings of RDO Aminoding Macarampat, CPA, Revenue District Office 101


Assalaamo ‘aleikom wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatoh.

My family and I join the rest of the Muslim world in celebrating Eid’l Fitr which marks the culmination of the month-long fasting of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.
Although there are still trials that we continue to face during this pandemic, none of which will hinder us from performing our obligations to the Almighty Allah and practicing the significant Sunnah or traditions taught by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
As we observe this meaningful day, we should not be complacent or put our guards down. Covid-19 still exists and it is incumbent upon all of us to continue practicing the minimum health standards such as wearing of face masks, frequent hand washing of hands, and observing physical distance.
May Allah swt accept our our Ibadah, our Salah, our prayers, our fasting, our generosity through our Sadaqah and all other good deeds that come with the observance of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. May Allah forgive our sins and bless and guide us always in all our undertakings.

Eid’l Fitr Al-Mubarak! Wassalaamo ‘Aleikom Wa Rahmahtullaahi Taala Wa Barakaatoh.

BIR Revenue District Office 101
Iligan City


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