Bangsamoro information bureau warns of fake FB pages

By Muslimedia.PH


The Bureau of Public Information of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BPI-BARMM) warned of Facebook pages fraudulently presented as official pages of the Bangsamoro autonomous government.

In a disclaimer statement on Monday, BPI-BARMM said it would like to remind the public that there are three official Facebook pages being administered and managed by BPI-BARMM. These are the following:

1. Bangsamoro Government (

2. Radyo Bangsamoro (

3. Bangsamoro Inter Agency Task Force on Covid19 (

The public is advised to follow the aforementioned pages on Facebook for official information and announcements. “While we welcome the online support of groups and individuals, we will not tolerate those that share fake or malicious contents, especially when they try to masquerade themselves as the Bangsamoro Government,” said the bureau of public information.

“We therefore are likewise asking for the public’s cooperation in reporting such pages,” it added.

It said< “This disclaimer is without prejudice to the Facebook pages created by the individual ministries and offices.” (BPI-BARMM)

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