Dr. Nordjiana Lucman Dipatuan-Ducol, LASURECO’s First Female General Manager

By Bitoon A Ranao
September 23, 2019

Lasureco General Manager Dr. Nordjiana L. Dipatuan-Ducol

She is the current and first female General Manager of Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LASURECO). 
She has shown tangible accomplishments earlier in her appointment on the post. 
She has been sculpted by media on the popular phrase, “The Last Man Who Left Was a Woman.” 
In lieu with her unwavering fulfillment of duties and responsibilities in the five-month long Marawi siege of 2017. 
In more than two years, she has worked on several initiatives to purposively impact the community through electrification. 
Indeed, LASURECO General Manager, or GM, Dr. Nordjiana Lucman Dipatuan-Ducol has made the praises of her true. 
In fact, GM Ducol was a recipient of three major awards in the recent concluded Joint NEA 50th Anniversary Celebration Golden Dagitab Awarding Ceremony and the 2019 PHILRECA Awards from the Wires. 
Ducol’s continuous public service was recognized through the following awards: 
1. ACE OF INITIATIVE AWARD- for spontaneous and essential initiatives that have greatly established a tangible impact in the franchise areas of the Lanao del Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LASURECO) which is composed of Member-Consumers and other sectors. 
2. BRAVE LIGHT AWARD- for courageously continuing her duties and responsibilities amidst the critical and life-risking Marawi siege of 2017. She was brave enough to enter the Main Battle Area for several times to accompany her linemen in bringing electricity for the easy liberation of the Marawi by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was during those times that bullets are being fired everywhere and all of them are not wearing any safety gears, it was their faith to Allah (swa) that made them strong. 
3. LEADERSHIP IN ADVOCACY AWARD- for being one of the outstanding Warriors of Light and advocates of the National Electrification Administration, Philippine Rural Electric Cooperatives Association and One Electric Cooperative-Member-Consumers Owners Movement. 
On the other hand, it was under her management that the LASURECO bagged several national awards for the very first time, to wit; 
1. GOLDEN DAGITAB AWARD- for electric Cooperatives who have successful contribution in the implementation of Rural Electrification Program and other related advocacies. 
2. ADVOCACY EXCELLENCE AWARD- for continuous delivery of quality service to the Member-Consumer Owners despite constraints that Electric Cooperative faces. 
3. 2nd PLACE, Clicks of Gold Competition- The entry-photo showcased a lineman worker who fiercely climbed the poles to assure the member-consumers of a reliable electricity amidst the bullets fired everywhere. 
4. NATIONAL CHAMPION, Kwentong Dagitab Competition- The entry-video showcased the braveness of a lineman worker who despite the crisis remained resilient all through-out for public service. 


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