To Run or Not to Run

The Outside View

By Judge Panambulan M. Mimbisa (ret.)

It is only a week from this writing before this anxiety of whether or not Mayor Sara will make a bid for the Presidency is put to rest, but the beating of the drum is louder than it has even been before to urge the mayor to accept the challenge. The agitation has never waned and it seems that it gets stronger and stronger. There is a sense of mysticism in this growing euphoria precisely because the energy comes from all corners of the country and from all walks of society. However, all of these seemingly unending clamors maybe put down the drain once the mayor speaks out her mind. And she did when she filed her candidacy for the Mayor of Davao City to complete her third and final term as chief executive of the city. There had been an unmistakable silence from the camps of other political parties and presidential aspirants weighing on the action of the mayor. Of course, this decision of the mayor exerts a tremendous implication on the forth coming national elections mainly due to the recognition that the mayor cast a giant shadow on the victory or defeat of the other presidential pretenders.

It surprises our people to no end that despite her open pronouncement and her having filed her certificate of candidacy for the mayorship of Davao City, the guessing game continues and the sound of trumpets seems to be louder and louder. The hope that the mayor will ultimately substitute one of the candidates in the waiting has not died down, in fact, it has even risen to higher tone or pitch. The show of public support has doubled in terms of the crowds in the streets, the street bantings and posters and in the social media. This is unprecedented in the county’s political history. This expression of love, endearment, and support of the mayor is definitely not because she happens to be the daughter of the president but of her own unusual personal charisma, her exuberance of how the public service is delivered and her known character of honesty and kindness and humility.

The greater mass of our people are enamored with Mayor Sara because they can easily identify with the principles and ideals she stood for.

It maybe that mayor Sara will finally yield to the public wish for her to run for president. If she does, she would have eased the tension that is now brewing among the candidates for president who will have to put down their game plans to vie for the votes that will go for the mayor. But, if the mayor sticks to her word to complete her third term as Mayor of Davao City, this will open a wider battle ground and a revised tactical plans to woe the millions of votes who are intending to support the candidacy of the mayor for president, considered.

It is my view that if mayor Sara changes her mind, on or before November 15,2021 and instead run for president, this her prerogative in the exercise of her perfect legal and lawful right under the Omnibus Election Code. And she should not be blamed, bashed or criticized for responding to an incessant public clamor or public wish or collective desire that she leads the government as president. In accepting the challenge, the mayor recognizes that the public interest is supreme in the hierarchy of priorities in our ladder of governance.

Upon the other hand, if she declines, this will be an act of great sacrifice and in giving honor to her word. This will make her the best presidential candidate that we can ever ask or wish in all forthcoming presidential elections. This makes her stateswoman par execellence!

The mayor will pass into history as the epitome of the best qualities and character that the Filipinos can offer to the world.

She has the stature of a statesman and indeed, believing that she is, and given her sense of wisdom and maturity, whatever her decision should be her own. She maybe bidding for time or may have decided already of what road to take, this issue has run through her mind for the longest time and I submit that the mayor should be given the space that she needs to make her decision. Her supporters have spoken and still continue to speak and they should be allowed to speak up to the last minute, after all hope springs eternal.

(Philippine Muslim Today)


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