MILG is in the right track; development cannot be achieved overnight

Building government centers in towns and villages where governance is less felt is the best priority measure towards development. While providing food relief assistance is badly needed during these hard times, such program is aimed for a short period to immediately placate hunger and the most basic needs. But it is temporary. It does not guarantee the sustainable upliftment of the socio-economic welfare of the constituents which only a meaningful and active governance can provide. That is why those towns and villages engulfed with poverty within the Bangsamoro region, or elsewhere, do not usually have suitable government centers to implement effective governance.

The Ministry of the Interior and Local Government (MILG) is in the right track for providing modern municipal and barangay halls to towns and villages respectively where governance seems to exist in name only. We believe lawyer Naguib Sinarimbo, as MILG minister, knows his job very well and sincerely and that he understands how development is achieved with this kind of actions. He does not only provide those in need in the Bangsamoro region with relief assistance through the READ! Agency under his ministry. He also supports build public structures along with other Bangsamoro departments like the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and others for the benefit of the region’s constituents.

Now, aside from the official report from the Minister himself, people’s accounts have it that those town and barangay halls built under the auspices of the MILG are near completion. That development is reassuring to hear that every Bangsamoro people should be delighted of. After all, development especially in the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao which is barely recovering from decades of wars, neglect and mistreatment cannot be achieved overnight.

(Philippine Muslim Today)

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