Love for Nature

by Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano

Precious pearls to see in the deep blue sea
Fish around coral reefs, playing with glee

Green hued scenery invigorates perfectly
Breathing in and out oh how so refreshingly

We hike to entertain in the summit mountains
Seeing beautiful things that no words can explain

Fresh fruits and vegetables nourish us to survive
Like forever in this world we all shall be alive

Sounds of singing birds, isn’t it relaxing?
For the world, a message of love proclaiming

Crystal water flows freshly in a river so cool
Bathing in it cures stress for the body and soul

For such Gift of Nature, everyone must be grateful
Weeping, seeing her sadly ruined is SHAMEFUL

Tranquility and happiness She gives that’s gratis for sure
Yet for selfish gains, Nature people foolishly destroy

Thus today, if we all fail to give Nature its protection
Our next generation would suffer great repercussions

Didn’t heartily Mother Earth, love us with no expectations?
Woefully so badly drained, why must we leave her heartbroken?


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