PSA bares 2020 Census of Population and Housing results

By Caren Grace Cabanayan

SAN FERNANDO CITY, July 28 — The Philippine Statistics Authority Regional Statistical Services Office 1 staged the Regional News Conference on Tuesday to present the results of the 2020 Census on Population and Housing (CPH) of the Ilocos Region.

By virtue of Proclamation No. 1179 s. 2021 signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on July 6, it is declared that the country’s total population is 109,035,343 as of May 1, 2020.

Region 1 contributed some 4.86 percent to the national population, recording a total of 5,301,139 individuals.

Population count logged in 2020 is 275,011 greater than that of the data in  2015 which is 5,026,128, thus growth rate is at 1.09 percent.

The province of Pangasinan remains to have the highest population  in Region 1 with  3,163,190 persons or contributing 59.7 percent of the region’s population.

It is the hailed as province in the region with the fastest growing population having 1.43 percent growth rate.

Next in rank with the most populous in the Ilocos is the province of La Union with 822,352 individuals or sharing 15.5 percent of the region’s total number; Ilocos Sur with 706,009 persons or sharing some 13.3 percent; and Ilocos Norte with 609,588 inhabitants or contributing about 11.5 percent.

Further, based on the CPH result, the City of San Carlos, Pangasinan tops the list of most populated cities and municipalities across the region with  205,424.

While the municipality of Carasi, Ilocos Norte with only 1,607 individuals is the  least populated municipality/city region-wide.

The most densely populated city  is Dagupan, Pangasinan having 4,682 persons per square kilometer while the municipality of Adams, Ilocos Norte is the most sparsely populated with just 14 people per square kilometer.

Meanwhile, Officer-In-Charge Sheila De Guzman of the PSA RSSO-1 recognized the effort of the PSA workforce in providing timely and quality statistics necessary for decision-making in all aspects of the Filipino’s live amid threats of COVID-19 pandemic.

“The PSA had overcome the unprecedented challenges amid pandemic and was able to provide relevant data or statistics critical on decision-making, policy formulation, delivering good governance, and on nation-building,” De Guzman said.

While Assistant Regional Head Irenea Ubungen cited the CPH result as the “critical basis on crafting more sound and better plans and policies for the Filipino people.” Philippine Information Agency

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