Marawi Sultanate League affirms no dissolution of barangays

By Claire Gigje

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur –Following the stirring issue concerning the alleged dissolution of four barangays in the city, the Marawi Sultanate League (MSL) strongly affirmed City Mayor Majul Gandamra’s issued statement in a virtual press conference that such claim is far from what is true.

During another round of Kapamagusai sa TFBM on Thursday, July 22, MSL Chairman Sultan Nasser Sampaco stressed that the allegation to the government is not even apparent as the administration is even establishing more barangay complexes to aid villages fulfill its mandate.

“Actually, ang nagsasabi niyan ay parang narinig [niya] lang dahil wala namang mawawalang barangay. Kaya tayo nagpatayo ng mga barangay hall dahil gusto nating paigtingin at palakasin ang function ng mga barangay,” he said.

[Actually, the one who said that just heard it because no barangay will be dissolved. The reason why we constructed barangay halls is because we want to intensify and strengthen the function of the barangays.]

To recall, a certain post was viral on social media after attacking the government for allegedly dissolving four barangays in the city’s most affected area (MAA) due to the construction of various infrastructures, to wit, Barangays Datu Naga, Datu sa Dansalan, Dansalan, and Sabala a Manao.

Sampaco rebutted as he emphasized that even him, being the Sultan Maamor of Dansalan and a lot owner from Brgy. Dansalan where Sarimanok Stadium and Convention Center are set to rise soon has never been underprivileged just because the government initiates development in his area.  

“Wala namang mawawala doon, except the government land na talagang pinatayuan ng gobyerno. Marami kaming lupa diyan pero walang ginalaw ang gobyerno [maliban sa] lupa namin sa Dansalan Bato Mosque na ipinademolish namin lahat ng mga bahay doon.. Huwag natin paniwalaan iyan,” he said.

[Nothing will really be taken, except the government land which the government really took for construction. We have many lots there but nothing is moved by the government [except for] our lot at the Dansalan Bato Mosque wherein we really had the houses demolished… Let us not believe that.]

Meanwhile, the MSL Chairman called on the city’s constituents to address their issues directly to appropriate people in authority rather than posting it online as this just brings no positive impact to their concerns.

“Mas maganda makipag-usap kayo kay Mayor. Huwag natin daanin sa social media dahil parang sinasakyan ng ibang mga tao. Parang naninira lang sila,” Sampaco said.

[It would be better if you talk with Mayor. Let us not have it through social media because other people are just riding it. They are just defaming.] Philippine Information Agency


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