LGU-Bubong holds second quarter joint meeting

June 30, 2021, the Local Government of Bubong conducts a “Joint Meeting of the Municipal Peace and Order Council (MPOC), Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC), Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MADAC), Local Health Board (LHB) and the Municipal Task Force to End Local Communists and Armed Conflict (MTF-ELCAC)” for the Second Quarter of the year 2021.

The meeting was chaired and presided by the Municipal Mayor Usoph B. Munder, the Chairperson of the local bodies.

It was attended by the regular members of the local councils from LGU-Bubong (officials and Heads of Offices), line agencies (Bubong Rural Health Unit, Bubong Municipal Police Station, MSSD, MBHTE, Datu Mamintal Memorial National High School), various sectors (Ulama Council, farmers, women, youth) and relevant stakeholders. Also, the thirty-six Barangay Chairpersons headed by their ABC President, the Hon. Acmanoding B. Salbo were also pressent during the meeting.

Some of the agenda that were discussed includes updates on the LGU response and management of COVID-19 Pandemic reported by Mr. Shaminoden M. Sambitory (MDRRMO of Bubong); peace and order situation in the municipality reported by the representative of PMAJ Lali I. Abbilani (Chief of Police of Bubong MPS) and LTC Franco Raphael H. Alano (Battalion Commander of 55th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army); updates on drug clearing program reported by Ms. Nabillah R. H. Abdul Hakim (Municipal Budget Officer); and updates on programs of LGU partner agencies reported by representatives from Bubong Rural Health Unit and School Principal of Datu Mamintal Adiong Sr. Memorial National High School.

Messages of support were given by LTC Franco Raphael Alano of the 55th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army and the Brigade Commanders of two MILF camps in the municipality.

The meeting was formally commenced at 10 o’clock in the morning and adjourned around 12:15 in the afternoon. MDRRMO-Bubong

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