Orientation on Responsible Parenthood and Maternal/Child Care and Distribution of Maternity Kits

LGU Mulondo is grateful with the leadership of the good mayor Nihara Macabando Panandigan in the MSSD-BARMM office in the person of the active MSWO Hassana S. Dicasaran and MSWO Shahrima M. Basheroni for the continuous delivery of assistance and services especially to women in the said Municipality.

               The MSSD-BARMM office also provided 25 kilos of rice, maternity kits and hygiene kits to 25 pregnant women about to give birth.

               LGU Mulondo also thanked RHU Mulondo for continuing to provide services to the people of Mulondo especially to MOTHERS and Youth in need of immediate medical services. LGU Mulondo


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