Worldwide Covid-19 infection tally exceeds 175 million

GENEVA: The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus infection worldwide has surpassed 175 million, increasing by more than 387,000 over the past 24 hours.

According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO) published on Sunday, the number of fatalities has increased by more than 10,100 over 24 hours, surpassing 3.79 million.

As of 16:01 Moscow time on June 13, WHO received reports of 175,306,598 infections and 3,792,777 fatalities.

The number of infections over 24 hours has increased by 387,209 while the fatalities rose by 10,158.

The WHO statistics takes into account only officially confirmed data on incidence and fatalities submitted by the states. The mark of 150 million infections worldwide was surpassed on April 30. Thus, over less than a month and a half over 25 million people were infected.

Over 48 percent of the infections reported to the WHO during the past 24 hours were in North and South America (187,256), followed by Asia (97,990), with Europe (42,288) in the third place.

According to the WHO, the majority of the infections were recorded in the US, 33,120,623, followed by India (29,439,989), Brazil (17,296,118), France (5,632,993), Turkey (5,325,435), Russia (5,208,687), the UK (4,558,498), Italy (4,243,482), Argentina (4,093,090), Spain (3,729,458), Germany (3,714,969), and Colombia (2,694,707). 

Russian News Agency TASS

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