Serve Filipinos with passion, selflessness, new soldiers urged

By Edwin Fernandez

NEW SOLDIERS. A total of 185 proud and young soldiers are ready to serve the country as they completed military training at the Division Training School in Maguindanao on Sunday (June 6, 2021). The MANDILAAB Class 653-2020 (Mandirigmang Lalaban Alang-Alang Sa Bayan) has undergone extensive military training for five months. (Photo courtesy of 6ID)

CAMP SIONGCO, Maguindanao: The Army’s 6th Infantry Division (6ID) now has 185 new, proud young soldiers who are ready to serve the country.

“As new graduates, serve the Filipino people with passion and selfless service,” Major General Juvymax Uy, 6th ID commander and concurrent chief of the Joint Task Force Central, said in a statement released Monday.

This, after the new batch of soldiers, has completed on Sunday their military training at the 6ID Training School in Barangay Semba, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

Uy reminded the young soldiers to always follow legal orders and continuously aim for excellence by taking up specialized training in the future.

“Obey the chain of command and perform outstandingly as true soldiers of the Filipino people,” he said.

The 185-strong members of the Candidate Soldier Course “MANDILAAB Class 653-2020” (Mandirigmang Lalaban Alang-Alang Sa Bayan) have undergone rigorous and tremendous military training for five months.

Candidate Soldier Michael Flores, the class forerunner, received the “Leadership Award” for demonstrating outstanding aptitude, military knowledge, and exemplary military bearing.

Topping the class were candidate-soldiers Eugene Herrera, Jerom Delausa, and Darryl Caritativo, having a general average of 92.32 percent, 92.21 percent, and 91.95 percent, respectively.

Herrera also received the “Physical Fitness Proficiency Award” for obtaining the highest rating in the physical fitness test.

Philippine News Agency

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