DILG rolls out S-PaSS to Lanao Norte travelers

By Claire R. Gigje

JCI Lanao Greenfields President and ICT and digital governance expert and advocate Johnny Paul Lagura says travelers must secure their own S-PaSS when going from one LGU to another as this digital innovation will allow the LGUs to monitor their travel while it will also be beneficial to the travelers’ part in going through the LGUs’ requirements upon entry in their vicinity. (PIA-ICIC)

LANAO DEL NORTE, June 2–The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)-Lanao del Norte in partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Lanao Greenfields carried out the Safe, Swift and Smart Passage (S-PaSS) to travelers of the province. 

Johnny Paul Lagura, the JCI Lanao Greenfields President and information and communications technology (ICT) and digital governance expert and advocate, said the S-PaSS was formulated as a response to pleas of having virtual means of completing necessary processes for travels.

“Due to public demand on asking consideration with regards to contactless engagement because we believe that following protocols not just on social distancing but even contactless engagement should be given more value. That is the birth of S-PaSS… The Department of Science and Technology has formulated this S-PaSS which is not necessarily a contact tracing app, but it replaces the traditional getting of travel clearances,” he said.

Lagura stressed that as the COVID-19 pandemic is not just a health issue but also embraces epidemiologic and sociodemographic aspects, it has to be beaten through considering the utilization of technology and innovation.

He also added that the existence of this innovation is a must as this will effectively aid the government’s fight against the pandemic.

“We have to strengthen more the rapid tracing through the use of health technology innovations… We have to make use of these available resources or else, we will be in vain in fighting the COVID crisis concern,” Lagura stated.

With the rollout of the S-PaSS, travelers are necessitated to have one when hopping from LGU to another.

“Every time we travel outside, we always print one S-PaSS… Every travel and every movement, we have to get an S-PaSS QR code so that our travel will be monitored and at the same time, we will also know the requirements of different provincial and city governments,” emphasized Lagura.

As tackled, registrants may go to http://www.s-pass.ph and completely fill in the given form to acquire their own account.

After logging in, the account holder will be required to input the place of origin and the community quarantine it holds. Further, the destination will also be asked which will then show the travel policy the particular LGU implements in its area, whether it has restricted or unrestricted policy, and the requirements it demands.

Restricted travel policy will require a travel coordination pass (TCP) which will only be issued upon submission and compliance of necessitated requirements while unrestricted travel policy will no longer ask for TCP. Philippine Information Agency

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