COVID-19 Vaccination in Taraka, LDS

By Municipality of Taraka

The first phase of the COVID-19 vaccination was successfully conducted at the Municipality of Taraka on Monday, May 24, 2021.

This was after the Ipho Lanao del Sur headed by Dr. Alinder Minalang delivered the vaccines to the municipality.

Accordingly, these vaccines were primarily intended for the priority group which includes the senior citizens, frontliners, intending piglrims and individuals with co-morbidities.

Mayor Nashiba U. Gandamra Sumagayan and Vice Mayor Atty. Amenodin U. Sumagayan were in the frontline during the conduct of the said vaccination standing as encouragement to their people.

Their support to the health workers and other volunteers led to the success of the said event. Finally, the Local Government Unit would also like to extend its warmest gratitude to Dr. Alinader Minalang, PHO I and to Dr. Apasra Mapupuno for her guidance and supervision and to all the members of her team. The Ranao Star

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