Marawi Sultanate League ‘satisfied’ with rehab’s progress


GOOD JOB: Marawi Sultanate League Chairman Sultan Nasser Sampaco (right-most) joins TFBM Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario (center) in inspecting an ongoing project in line with the government-led rehabilitation of Marawi City following the 2017 siege. Sultan Nasser, in a recent statement, lauded the housing czar’s leadership and tireless efforts in leading Marawi’s rebuilding process. (DHSUD)

MARAWI CITY, April 25 — The Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) has earned praises from the Marawi Sultanate League for its relentless efforts to rebuild the only Islamic City in the country become better and stronger.

During Thursday’s IFTAR or breaking of fast ceremony at the TFBM Field Office, Marawi Sultanate League Chairman Sultan Nasser Sampaco expressed satisfaction over TFBM’s accomplishments.

The Marawi sultan particularly cited the commitment, leadership and hard work of TFBM Chairman Secretary Eduardo Del Rosario in pushing for the city’s rebuilding process.

Sultan Sampaco said that he is proud to have Secretary Del Rosario as the “only adopted son” of the Marawi Sultanate League as he expressed his gratitude to the TFBM chief as well as the Task Force’s 56 implementing agencies for their tireless efforts.

“We, the Marawi Sultanate League, is always at your side, because we trust and believe in your leadership and capability to lead Marawi a better place to live and replenish its beauty and glory with peace,” Sultan Sampaco said.

“We are also monitoring all Task Force Bangon Marawi’s activities and accomplishments. And we are happy and proud to inform you that we are fully satisfied in the developments in the Most Affected Area and Least Affected Area,” he noted.

On Thursday, Secretary Del Rosario reported that the rehabilitation of MAA is now about 60 percent completed.

Responding to the sultan, Secretary Del Rosario thanked the Sultanate League, Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra and other well-meaning groups and individuals for their support to TFBM.

“Without your support, we wouldn’t have accomplished what we have done so far in rebuilding Marawi. Rest assured that we will complete the rehabilitation and fulfill the promise of our President for Marawi to rise as a prosperous city again,” Secretary Del Rosario vowed.

Sultan Sampaco also welcomed former TFBM’s critics who are now coordinating with the Task Force as a third party monitoring group looking into the progress of the rehabilitation.

“We are confident that you will meet the target date of completion by December 2021. Likewise, the Marawi Sultanate League is very happy and thankful to know that most of the very influential CSOs and critics of the TFBM have now manifested their cooperation with the Task Force by physically monitoring the progress of project implementation in the MAA,” the sultan stressed.

“So far, the Marawi Sultanate League, as one of the hardline supporters of TFBM, consider such favorable development as a strategic victory to win the support of the people of Lanao del Sur and Marawi City,” he added.

Also present at the ceremony were Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Undersecretary Zyril Carlos, TFBM Field Office Manager Assistant Secretary Felix Castro Jr. and Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra.

Sultan Sampaco likewise vowed that the Marawi Sultanate League will continue guiding and offering moral and spiritual support to the TFBM in accomplishing its mandate despite some misunderstandings and miscommunications in the past.

“What is important is we are now united as one with primary goals towards the success of the rehabilitation program of the TFBM under the leadership of Secretary Del Rosario,” Sultan Nasser said.

The breaking of fast is in line with the Islamic community’s observance of the holy month of Ramadan, which is one of Islam’s five pillars. Philippine Information Agency

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