NoCot town officials surrender loose firearms

By Edwin Fernandez

FOR PEACE. Commander of the Army’s 602nd Infantry Brigade, Brig. Gen. Roberto Capulong (center), Councilor Evangeline Pascua-Guzman, and an Army officer view the firearms presented by the local government of Kabacan, North Cotabato to the Army on Friday (May 21, 2021). The Kabacan officials expressed full support for the government’s disarmament program to bring peace to their communities. (Photo courtesy of Kabacan LGU)

KABACAN, North Cotabato: Local officials turned over to military authorities several firearms collected from seven barangays here Friday, in support of the government’s program against loose firearms.

Brig. Gen. Roberto Capulong, commander of the Army’s 602nd Infantry Brigade, received the high-powered firearms collected by village officials led by Councilor Evangeline Guzman, president of the Association of Barangay Chairpersons.

Guzman said the firearms belonged to residents of barangays Pedtad, Buluan, Simone, Sanggadong, Nangaan, Simbuhay, and Tamped who do not have any license to possess them.

Kabacan Vice Mayor Myra Dulay-Bade assured Capulong of the council’s support for the military-led effort to rid the town of unlicensed guns.

Capulong said only the military, police, and agents of government security agencies could carry and possess firearms.

The surrendered firearms included four M1 Garand rifles, two Carbine rifles, and an M16 Baby rifle.

Guzman said negotiations were ongoing for other individuals carrying unlicensed guns for the surrender of the weapons to authorities.

Philippine News Agency

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