Marawi City condemns Israeli attacks vs Palestine


Mayor Majul U. Gandamra. (File photo)


The Local Government of the Islamic City of Marawi in Southern Philippines has strongly condemned the Israeli government hostilities and violence against the Palestinian people.

In a strongly worded statement, City Mayor Majul U. Gandamra said, “the people of the only Islamic City of Marawi, Lanao del Sur, in solidarity with other Muslim countries and those who condemn injustices and violent acts against humanity of any kind, express our great dismay and strongly condemn the hostilities and violence committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.”

Gandamra said even if Marawi is only a small city, they are greatly aware of what is going on around the world and especially to “our brethren in faith.”

“We thus stand with other Islamic and peace-loving countries that are praying for a stop to the hostilities and for a just, equitable and peaceful solution to the strife,” Gandamra said.

“We also feel that as part of the international community, we need to have our voices, no matter how small, heard because we ourselves have experienced the devastating effects that such a conflict can bring to both sides, having experienced one of the worst sieges in the history of our country.”

The mayor said the siege of 2017 had caused a staggering amount of damage, much of which they are still struggling to move forward from. “Therefore, while it can be said that our experience with armed conflict lasted only for half a year, we are fully aware of the far, long-reaching tragic effects it can bring, and it is something that we do not wish to happen on others.”

He said the whole of humanity only damages itself when hate, violence and destruction are allowed to reign. “We thus urge the Israeli Government to stop the attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, the West Bank, and the Palestinian people.” SNOR

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