Mulondo taking care of orphans



The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Mulondo in Lanao del Sur is taking care of of its orphans and abandoned children in the municipality by providing them cash assistance and medicines.

In a statement, LGU Mulondo said the program is dubbed as “Siyap ko mga Wata Ilo Program” (Care for the Orphans).

It said Mayor Nihara M. Panandigan takes it to herself this program a priority in her administration which is aimed to provide Cash Assistance and Free Medicines to orphans aged 14 years old and below.

The cash assistance and free medicines were personally given to all beneficiaries by the lady mayor herself with her husband, Hakim Bert O. Panandigan who graduated as Vice Mayor of Mulondo, and other employees. The program started first at barangay Dalama on April 29, 2021 and continued until all the orphans in the municipality received the cash assistance and medicines, it added.

Accordingly, the statement said, the program became possible because of the help of TAMKIN AL MAR’A headed by Councilor Amenollah P. Mala and his wife Dr. Naima D. Mala.

“The smile and happiness in the face of the orphans who received the cash assistance and medicines is priceless,” Said mayor Nihara. She also assured everyone that there are more programs reserved by her administration for the citizens of Mulondo. SNOR


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