Sara orders 14-day quarantine for ‘Run Sara Run’ conveners

Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte. (PNA file photo)

DAVAO CITY: The local convenors of the “Run, Sara, Run” campaign must undergo a 14-day quarantine after returning to the city from Manila.

Mayor Sara Z. Duterte issued the order Monday, even as she emphasized the dangers of traveling to other places with a known surge in cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases.

Consisting mostly of this city’s barangay officials, the “Run, Sara, Run” organizers departed here last week for a “grand caravan” at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on March 21.

The campaign seeks to gather nationwide support to convince the mayor to run in next year’s Presidential race.

“I told them not to push through with their activity because of the surge of cases in Manila and Cebu and it is very dangerous for them and for the people of Davao City because they might be a possible carrier of the virus,” Mayor Sara said in a radio interview.

However, she said the group pushed through with their activity.

“If it is about ‘Run, Sara, Run, they will not listen to me. If you won’t talk to them, they don’t care at all. And if you’ll talk to them and reprimand them, they’ll just say ‘peace ma’am.’ Now all I have to do is quarantine them to teach them a lesson,” Duterte said.

She also bared that despite her opposition to the caravan, she was worried about the welfare of the participants.

“During the weekend, I reached out to them because I cannot stand it anymore. I asked them if they are fine and told them that I will send some assistance for their food and gasoline. I extended my support and told them that they will undergo quarantine when they come home in Davao,” she said.

In a previous interview, Barangay 23-C chairman Alimoden Usman–the campaign convenor–said they want to amplify their calls for Mayor Sara to run in next year’s presidential race while raising public awareness to gain more support for their advocacy.

Usman reiterated his group’s belief that the presidential daughter remains the only person who can continue the works of President Rodrigo Duterte in ending insurgency and maintaining peace and order in the country.

Barangay Cabantian chairperson Mark Galvez, another campaign organizer, said they believe gathering more supporters would ultimately convince Mayor Sara to “take on the challenge”.

“We might not be able to convince the mayor, but if it is the clamor of the people, I know she will not refuse to run. We want to tell the Filipinos that she has the potential and the most appropriate person to lead the country,” Galvez added.

The group also made it clear that it is not soliciting funds for any of its activities, even if it is voluntarily offered. 11

(Che Palicte/PNA/SRNY/RSP)

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