Erdogan slams EU double standards policy on refugee crisis

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Ankara has criticized the European Union (EU) for embracing a double standard policy on the refugee crisis in Greece and Turkey, according to media reports on Wednesday.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed EU countries over their refugee policies and criticized the bloc’s double standards in dealing with the migrant crisis by supporting Greece on the issue of migrants but not sharing responsibility for four million refugees hosted by Turkey, media reported.

The EU fully supports Greece on this issue however fails to share responsibility with Turkey for four million refugees, the reports quoted Erdogan as saying.

Speaking at a migration conference in the city of Izmir, Erdogan said EU offered Greece three billion euros for 100,000 refugees while it failed to fulfill its promise to transfer six billion euros to Turkey which hosts four million refugees as part of 2016 migration pact.

In 2016 Ankara and Brussels signed an agreement which grants Turkey a total of six billion euros as fund, in return Ankara promised to reduce the number of refugees influx to EU countries. Turkey says it was committed to its part of the deal however EU failed to keep its promise.

Turkey and Greece have been considered key transit points for refugees from Syrian to Europe, many were able to reach Europeans countries like Sweden and Germany while others unfortunately lost their lives trying to get to a safe haven. 



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