Maranao leaders support BTA extension

SUPPORT FOR BTA EXTENSION. Datu Alexander “Abdulrauf” P. Mama-o, Chairman of the Solid Alliance for Peace Progress Reforms and Democracy expressed full support for BTA extension. (File photo)

ILIGAN CITY: A group of Maranao professional and traditional leaders has declared unconditional support for the extension of the Bangsamoro transition government from 2022 until 2025.

In an interview, Datu Alexander “Abdulrauf” P. Mama-o, Chairman of the Solid Alliance for Peace Progress Reforms and Democracy (SAP-PRD) told the Philippine Muslim Today they unconditionally support the proposal for Congress to enact a law that will authorize the extension of term of office of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA).

“The three-year transition term is not enough for the BTA to realize the key programs and projects they have started and wish to finish,” said Mama-o who is the, reigning Cabugatan sa Bayang (crowned Prince of Bayang).

Datu Mama-o, a long-serving former Regional Director of the Department of Transportation-Land Transportation Office Caraga Region (1995-2002, and 2017), said that the BTA-BARMM, including its newly created offices, had less time to work on their operational plans citing the effect of the outbreak of the dreaded Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID 19), which stalled the implementation of ongoing and incoming projects, especially infrastructure programs, as well as the day-to-day performances of their offices.

Aside from Datu Mama-o, SAP-PRD leaders also include traditional leaders of the Gapa-o Balindong, Datu a Dimasangkay Usop Baser-Cadar, and Sultan a Romapunut Hadji Nasser Simbar, a member of the 16 royal caliphs of Taraka, Lanao del Sur,

Meanwhile, other SAP-PRD leaders like Datu a Dimasangkay Usop Cadar and Sultan Romapunut Hadji Nasser Simbar, both from Gapa-o Balindong, in separate occasion held in Taraka, Lanao del Sur, on February 11, 2021, similarly made public their strong support to the BTA-BARMM extension of term of office.

They echoed the earlier pronouncement of the Cabugatan sa Bayang Datu Alexander P. Mama-o, saying in their Maranao vernacular, “mogop tano ko ka-aprub angkanan a kitab sa midayono membro sa BTA so galbuk iran ka antano mailay so kamapiyaan tano ko manga ingud tano sa Ranao lalambo a Taraka.” (Let us support the approval/grant of the BTA term extension [of office] to allow them to continue their important works in order to realize further progress and development in Lanao del Sur, more especially Taraka.)

Mama-o said the BTA term extension, if granted by the Congress and enacted into law, will usher in strengthened peace, progress, and development in the mainland and island provinces covered by the Bangsamoro homeland.

“The incumbent Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim, as well as the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Minister Dickson P. Hermoso will have ample time in implementing projects and programs aimed at modernizing the fleet of public conveyance on land and sea, including air and telecommunications facilities in the BARMM, which will augur well as regards the economy and tourism industry in the Bangsamoro Region, as articulated by Datu Mama-o, an experienced transportation system strategist for decades who hails from Lanao del Sur,” Mama-o said. 

(Masiding Noor Yahya/PMT/SRNY/RSP)

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