Budgets of 2 of 15 BARMM ministries decreased in 2021

COTABATO CITY: Two of 15 ministries of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) are allocated smaller budgets this year in comparison to their allocations last year.

The agencies with decreased budgets are the Ministry of Finance and Budget Management (MFBM) and the Ministry of Interior and Local Government (MILG), according to a comparative BARMM budgets table in 2020 and 2021 which the Philippine Muslim Today news obtained upon official request from the regional government.

According to the comparative table, the MILG is allocated 1,055,588,519-peso budget this year, which reflects some P300-million reduction from its 1,354,637,972-peso subsidy in 2020. The MFBM, on the hand, got 389,622,624-peso budget this year indicating a decrease of over P64-million from its 454,049,670-peso share last year.

Media people covering the BARMM interim operations have been appalled over the unexplained decline in the MILG budget, noting that such agency and its minister, lawyer Naguib Sinarimbo, have been the most visible and dynamic in public eyes since the establishment of the regional bureaucracy and even in drafting of the new autonomy law.

“We (in cabinet) have agreed that they will augment our budget from the allocation of the Office of the Chief Minister,” Minister Sinarimbo said without elaboration when asked by the Philippine Muslim Today news via messenger.

A press briefing on the reasons and rationale behind the apportioning of budget shares among the instruments of the BARMM bureaucracy is imperative, according to constituents including media workers advocating transparency.

The 2020 and 2021 budgets of the BARMM ministries and legislature are products of Regional Appropriations Acts enacted by the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) parliament.  

The comparative budget schedule is shown before public welfare:

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Budget for 2020 and 2021

Office/Ministry2020 Budget2021 Budget
Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA)P2,591,131,798.60P3,707,969,000.00
Office of the Chief Minister (OCM)P7,922,849,141.76P10,292,444,735.25
Ministry of Finance and Budget and ManagementP454,049,670.50P389,622,624.49
Ministry of Social Services and DevelopmentP2,033,934,622.42P3,320,606,376.05
Ministry of Trade, Investments, and TourismP279,828,949.72P323,537,406.68
Ministry of Labor and EmploymentP193,213,547.26P274,104,652.74
Ministry of Transportation and CommunicationP214,911,562.40P623,200,803.21
Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical EducationP19,056,935,766.67P23,521,710,468.87
Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ AffairsP99,635,217.70P105,244,913.04
Ministry of HealthP3,069,533,195.95P5,120,445,263.26
Ministry of Public WorksP4,089,426,542.06P15,793,522,929.66
Ministry of the Interior and Local GovernmentP1,354,637,972.84P1,055,588,519.60
Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and EnergyP460,483,910.78P553,798,941.86
Ministry of Human Settlement and DevelopmentP94,935,427.50P811,012,237.93
Ministry of Science and TechnologyP164,560,997.76P197,227,565.61
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian ReformP986,810,707,87P1,530,859,966.65
Ministry of Public Order and SafetyP86,808,855.58P108,821,965.09
TotalP65 billionP75.6 billion

(Ali G. Macabalang/PMT/SRNY/RSP)

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