Mid-Month Kaleidoscope

Bits and Pieces

Jahara A. Solaiman

This week, the month of Rajab will have finally arrived. I hope and pray that we all get to meet and spend the upcoming month of Ramadan this year in the best of health and circumstances.


With the news of high food prices and shortages being featured every day in broadcast and in social media, I fear for the poor for this year’s Ramadan. Can those of us who are fortunate to have more than enough, pledge to help our poor neighbors with their needs again during the Blessed Month this year? Let us not forget them!


Puregold Iligan has finally opened to the public! The store where you can find everything available…except the parking space.


Unsolicited advice: Instead of bombarding the air with anti- Valentine’s Day rants, why not actively spread the message that the bonds with people who matter in our life are maintained by consciously working on them every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day? You won’t need Valentine’s day then if we all did this. Protect your bonds with those who matter.


And there’s the Chinese New Year again. Ubos na ang tikoy. Wala na rin ang ang pao.


Webinar dito, webinar doon, online course dito, online course doon. Personal development din tayo pag may time and opportunity. This pandemic should not bar us from doing what we can to improve ourselves.


The story in Facebook of a Meranaw tricycle driver in a Lanao del Norte town, who returned 20,000 pesos cash left in his vehicle gave me food for thought. Not so long ago, I misplaced my wallet containing 5,000 pesos cash in a van plying the Marawi City to Iligan City route. The wallet was returned, but not the cash. I’m sure had I been the passenger of the tricycle driver, he would never have taken the money. He certainly was raised well by his family, despite their poverty at least he grew up with values, something a lot of us sadly no longer have. Ang Allah na lang ang bahala sa kumuha ng 5k ko, pambili ko pa naman ng maintenance meds ko.


Best of luck to those who will be taking their board/licensure exams! May the challenges of this pandemic motivate you to try your best and pass the exams with flying colors! JAS

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