Mixed Nuts

Bits and Pieces

Jahara A. Solaiman

Me: This vaccine circus is getting on my nerves.

Friend: Ganyan talaga. May kick-vacc eh.


Found on Facebook: “People never want to become part of the process, but they want to become part of the outcome. The process is where you will find who deserves to be part of the outcome.”


Seen of the notorious list of schools tagged as the breeding grounds kuno of youth radicalism? Very, very nice use of Intel funds indeed! Next time they should target kindergartens and even maternity hospitals to nip things in the bud. It’s a sad reality that this country hates and is afraid of its intellectuals and critics.


With the rise of what online shopping among Meranaws, there’s a need to have an honest-to-goodness couriers like LBC, Ninja Van, J and T, or even JRS. It’s 2021, are we still going to rely on Iligan City and third party services for this? This is actually something we badly need here!


Seen on the internet: You can’t help someone who is not willing to participate in his own rescue.


A friend was complaining about how 5 of her husband’s house plants suddenly disappeared from his garden. His suspects? Some thonganai who paid him a visit. Maybe plantitos and plantitas should be given a way to insure their plants against plant thefts. Maybe, in the case of very expensive plants, stealing them should be a crime. What do you think?


This brings us to a toxic Meranaw trait that we need to stamp out: disregard for property of others, even that of their relatives. Especially when they borrow things (which they often won’t return unless you complain). Worse some of them will partake of what’s yours without your permission. Worst when they destroy or lose what they borrowed from you. Their reason? “Maka-afford naman silang bumili ulit,” “May pera naman silang pambili ng bago.” No wonder some of us go to the point to hide or keep what they have secret from others in order to avoid such situations. JAS

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