The Ranao Star Viewpoint

As we opened our new office in Iligan City today, December 28, 2020, we re-iterate among others the following viewpoint:

First is we strive to maintain our personality as a Muslim media outfit for and truly representative of the good people of Lanao irrespective of their political affiliations or religious persuasions and independent from outside interference or intervention.

Second is we support the national government of the Philippines and the autonomous government of the Bangsamoro; we respect and support human rights, international laws and statutes, and the freedom of religion, the press and expression and access to a better peaceful living.

And Third is we believe that for the country to attain development and stability, peace and security must reign in the country and that the Philippine present unitary system of government does not anymore suit the best interest and welfare of the Filipino people and thus there is an urgent need to adopt a Federal Form of government. TRS

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