BARMM picks Mulondo to host launching of its One Stop Shop


MULONDO, Lanao del Sur

The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) has chosen Mulondo as pilot municipality to host the launching of BARMM One Stop Shop and Medical Mission in Lanao del Sur.

The activity spearheaded by the Office of the BARMM Deputy Chief Minister was held at the municipal gymnasium here on Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020. The BARMM One Stop Shop will be held in all of the other 38 municipalities and one city in Lanao del Sur.

The One Stop Shop is a convergence of autonomous government line agencies to bring basic services especially on medical care amid the Covid-19 pandemic to the public in their own areas. It is the initiative of Bangsamoro deputy chief minister, Alim Ali Solaiman.

Municipal Mayor Nihara M. Panandigan was thankful that Mulondo was chosen as pilot municipality to host the convergence. “We would like to thank the BARMM officials who came down here today to extend services to us, (our thanks) especially to our elder DCM Alim Ali Solaiman for choosing our place as pilot municipality to host his first program ever even as there are other towns who can also do the same.”

The lady mayor thanked the deputy chief minister for his trust to the people of Mulondo. She assured him that Mulondo LGU has been performing their job well and all projects entrusted to them are given to the intended beneficiaries.

“All these is because the people of Mulondo are united and my co-workers in the local government like the Sangguniang Bayan headed by our vice mayor and the 26 barangay chairmen led by energetic ABC President Hon. Mauyag Solay are working for the welfare of our people,” Panandigan said.

Mayor Panandigan called the event another milestone in the history of Mulondo for the opportunity to provide services to her constituents.

She said she knows that the people of Mulondo have been suffering due to the Pandemic Covid-19. Everybody is afraid to visit his friend or relative, she said, for fear that they may be affected by the coronavirus.

Panandigan advised her people not to lose hope because Allah swt is merciful God and it is possible that if we entrust our affair upon Him, beseech His help and do good things, “we will pass and overcome this pandemic for tomorrow or at any other time, He will make this plague disappear.”

She said the local government unit of Mulondo under her leadership will not stop its extra efforts to serve their people. “We understood that our work will not end by providing face mask, face shield, disinfectant, relief goods and other necessary things to our constituents,” she added.

“It has to be intensified every hour, every day to make sure that the duties we ought to do will be equally enjoyed by Mulondonians. From children aging 0 to six years, out-of-school and in-school youth, adults, seniors, PWDs, pregnant moms and orphans, in sha Allah we will strive hard to deliver the services of the LGU to all our people equally,” the mayor said. RSOY

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