Of Madrasah and terrorism

The best defense of Islam is to practice it.

Without madrasah, there would be no Islam. And if you suspect the madrasah to be moulding terrorists, you suspect that Islam is a religion of terrorism, an Islamophobia nurtured by a kind of uncivilized manner of suspicion.

That is the reason why Muslim leaders have sharply reacted to the statement of Philippine military chief Gen. Gilbert Gapay that madrasas or Islamic schools are suspected of radicalizing students, and ask him to retract the falsehood of his statement they called preposterous.

How could Islam teach terrorism? From the very meaning of it, Islam is peace and teaches its follower to believe in peace and live a peaceful life. This Muslim’s way of life is better manifested when a Muslim always greets a person, Assalaamu aleikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatoh (Peace be upon you and the Mercy of God and His Blessing.) In this greeting, the Muslim even asks for God’s mercy and blessing upon that person.

The Muslims in this country and elsewhere shall not take this for granted. While condemning Islamophobia and misconception about Islam may hold water in its defense, it is better for the Muslims to practice the true tenets of their religion and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and avoid being called Muslim in name only because in reality they do not live according to Islamic way of life but live by forbidden things. This is the best way to defend Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

How can one be a Muslim, for instance, and live in peace with others if his livelihood comes from ‘haram’ like illegal-drug trade, corruption of government or non-government fund, usury, swindling and other forbidden livelihood? How can one be a Muslim if he does not even perform ‘salah’, eat forbidden foods? How can one be a Muslim if he cheats in his activities? One who lives with these practices destroys Islam and the Ummah. He does not defend Islam. TRS

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