Pananadem: A brief eulogy for Comdr. Mike Iqra

By Masiding Noor Yahya

Hj. Ismael Yahya Moctar aka Commander Mike Iqra has left this world in the eve of Friday but definitely his good deeds remain alive in our heart. We believe in his way of struggle, the sacrifices that he demonstrated in undertaking a true and genuine “Jihad.”

Any homage of him praises him as among the few mujahideen in the Philippines who never surrendered to the government, nor accepted any government position. As a top MNLF commander, he would have received juicy post or wealth had he joined the bandwagon of those who accepted government offers.

I can also add, he never sought for any government assistance like those projects enjoyed by most mujahideen. Mike Iqra and his comrades rather preferred to till the soil and do other halal livelihood for sustenance in the forest while seeking nearness to the Merciful Creator, Lord of the Worlds.

He spent much of his time for Dhikr Allah (Remembrance of Allah) and Amalan (learning and teaching the Prophet’s way of life, and doing good deed.) and helping those who need his help. He is a philanthropist not of money but of dedication, sincerity, wisdom and knowledge

Mike Iqra belongs to religious families.

In his father side, Moctar is synonymous to religious learned or Islamic teacher in Pumagsopa sa Marawi and Pat a Pungampong ko Ranao. On the other hand, Yahya, in his mother side, is a religious family with forebears who hailed from Aden, in the former Sultanate of Lahej, home of famous Islamic jurisprudents in Yemen.

That is what I know of Mike Iqra as a friend, comrade and a close relative.

Help me pray that Allah swt forgive his sins and grant him the highest place in Jannah Firdaus. Ameen.

One thought on “Pananadem: A brief eulogy for Comdr. Mike Iqra

  1. Indeed, He is a great man who fought for Muslim in Ranao. The true picture of Man who sincerely dedicated his life for Jihad. I Admired him alot knowing all the stories about him, and how He lived in a very humble life. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannahtul Fidaus.


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