LOOKING BACK: My Timeline 3 years ago today

Ding Yahya Timeline

With Masiding Noor Yahya

Starting today, this column ‘Ding Yahya’s Timeline’ will appear in Philippine Muslim Today to give variety of content to its various readers. It will also appear in Ranao Star Philippines.

In this issue at hand are memories extracted from my timelines published in my social media accounts such as Facebook and others. It’s important to note that these contents are written in varied languages, adding beauty to its rugged composition.

The first column salvo is titled, “Looking Back: My Timeline 3 years ago today.”

Calling Filipinos as Christians, Muslims and Highlanders is obviously unfair to the Muslims. Most Highlanders are also Christians. (Aug 14, 2017)


Inisanda pibpasa so ingda pilombayan ka owadena pagkagida CLAIM ko marandang: “Di ko ari byono.” O sa imanto aya miakapamono ka? (Aug 14, 2017)


Timbangiran so Meranao ka an di makapezabek. (Aug 14, 2017)


Miadtomo so kabinasa o inged a di ba mada so P50-M. (Aug 14, 2017)


Fighting pa more para majustify pag lusob ng Amereka sa Morolandia at tuluyan na nila masira at makuha. (Aug 14, 2017)


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