DTI enforces fair policy on starter kits distribution to Marawi IDPs

By Bitoon a Ranao

For smooth operation in distributing the livelihood stater kits for qualified Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of the 2017 Marawi Siege, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is doing its best and is strictly enforcing the policy on fair and equal treatment in handling and serving its clients in giving them the livelihood starter kits.

Adman T. Rasuman, DTI information officer in its Marawi operation team, said, “We will implement the following in our distribution:

  1. We’re strictly enforcing the “NO TO FIXER;”
  2. No “Buyers/Pangopra” is strictly no space at our operation for the distribution of starter kits;
  3. Strictly “No to Palakasan” and “Kamag anak” fair and equal treatment to all IDP clients;
  4. We will strictly scan and check all documents who are in the PTR list for the releasing;
  5. Government assistance/ relief or ayuda are punishable by law to sell or for selling;
  6. All claimants individual IDPs must present their papers or documents before the releasing;
  7. Authorization letter must present of claimants for second person

“We accept reports, concerns,issues on every operation we made and please report any irregularities concerning the distribution and staff of DTI,” Rasuman said.

(With report from Norhanna Masacal Bansao Yahya FB Accounts)

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