Bubong town receives foreign assisted communal irrigation project

By Kim Munder Montay

BUBONG, Lanao del Sur – Agriculture livelihood project of farmer folks in this municipality will be alleviated once the foreign-funded communal irrigation system project is fully operational in Lanao del Sur’s municipality of Bubong.

On Wednesday, July 15, the ground-breaking of the first communal irrigation system project here was held at Barangay (Village) Palao here.

The irrigation project is a Sub-Project of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) funded under the Italian Assistance to the Agrarian Reform Community Development Support Program (IARCDSP) in the Philippines.

IARCDSP is financed by the Italian Government and implemented by Philippine Government through DAR.

The main objective of the IARCDSP is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of small farmers in 35 ARCs in 26 Municipalities/Cities in 4 Provinces of Region XII and BARMM, Sarangani and Sultan Kudarat in Region XII, Maguinadanao and Lanao Del Sur in BARMM.

The Programme is then conceived to support the Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) and Beneficiaries (ARBs) in a wide and holistic approach, by supporting households and their organizations through different activities grouped under three different components:

  • Agricultural and Enterprise Development Support (AEDS) aims at increasing and stabilizing production, developing new market opportunities, promoting use of improved technologies, improving crop diversification and creating new entrepreneurial activities according to the farmers’ needs.
  • Community Infrastructure Development Support (CIDS) aims at providing production, access and social infrastructure.
  • Local Capacity Building Support (LCBS) aims at improving competitiveness in agriculture sector through effective and stronger Farmers Organizations.

The residents of Brgy. Masorot and Brgy. Miabalawag and other barangays connecting to the proposed farm-to-market road project within the ARC will benefit from this project; such benefit is expected to contribute to the improvement of the income of farmers and economic growth of the area. In addition, the road subproject will facilitate and hasten the delivery of social services such as health and education with the existence of a road network system.

The roadway will be 6.0m width when completed with 4.0m concrete road and 1.0 meter compacted soil shoulder on both sides of the road.The LGU and the recipient barangay will be responded for the operation and maintenance of the FMR subproject.

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