Taraka LGU continues relief operations

MARAWI CITY: No amount of weariness can waver the LGU of Taraka’s persistence to continuously provide relief assistance to the whole constituency in this time of need.

Mayor Nashiba G. Sumagayan and Vice Mayor Atty. Amenodin U. Sumagayan who are always at the forefront of all the LGU’s operations see to it that the preparation and distribution of the relief goods are timely and always put in order.

The current relief operation is accordingly the 4th wave for the LGU and could also be considered the 8th wave of Relief Operations in the municipality in general if the relief operations done by the BLGUs (3rd Wave) and the Provincial Government (1st Wave) will also be taken into account.

Yesterday, May 16, after the repacking of the purchased goods, teams from MDRRMO-Taraka, MSWO, Taraka MPS and some of the LGU staff and employees went to proceed with the first day of the house-to-house distribution of the relief goods to all the families in the municipality.

Once again, everyone is reminded to stay at home and to properly observe the guidelines included in the advisory given by the Taraka Covid-19 IATF.



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