Maranaos appeal to Duterte to open mosques for prayer vs Covid

MARAWI CITY: Maranao leaders have asked President Rodrigo Duterte to open the mosques for prayers during the last ten days of the Ramadan which Muslims considered most sacred days in the fasting month.

Lawyer Bayan Balt, chair of the Ranao Federal Movement and former chapter president of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur, said they strongly demand for the opening of mosques and “allow us to pray for the last ten remaining days of Ramadan starting May 11.”

“During these most sacred days including the ‘Laylatul Qadr,’ the Muslims can pray to Allah to remove the Covid19 from us. Without divine intervention, the Covid19 will forever stay with us…” Balt added.

Laylatul Qadr or Night of Majesty is the most sought and prayed for night in the whole month of Ramadan. It is believed once it appears in a community; all their prayers are accepted by Allah.

“And if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no remover of it except Him; and if He intends for you good, then there is no repeller of His bounty. He causes it to reach whom He wills of His servants. And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (Sahih)

“The government should not rely much on Science because Science is created by Allah including Covid19 and all other living and non-living things in this world.

Hence only His Divine intervention can remove Covid19 from us through our prayers in His house (mosque),” Balt said.

Maranao civic and political leader Norodin Alonto Lucman said this is a very small favor to ask Duterte and the military if leaders are not afraid to ask him.

Datu Casan Cana, a member of the Royal Houses of Marawi also believed this is a small favor to ask the President if local government units as well as the Bangasmoro regional government will help bring to his attention.

Cana, also a former professor of the Mindanao State University, said this is time for Duterte who claims to have Maranao blood to show to the world that he really loves and cares for his Maranao Muslims brethren.

Dr.  Mamasaranao Cabusaran, senior executive officer in the Office of OFWs and Muslim Concerns under Secretary Abdullah Mama-o, asked all Muslims to pray that mosques shall be opened in the last days of the religious devotion.

But reports reaching The Manila Times revealed many mosques in Lanao del Sur are opened for Friday congregations and Taraweeh defying government order.

Jherry Laut said the request to re-open the mosques may not be needed for there are communities in Lanao del Sur who are already praying in their mosques if there is no new person among them.

Lanao del Sur including the Islamic City of Marawi which is the Maranao Homeland, is placed under a general community quarantine (GCQ). Official report said the pandemic virus has been flattened these few days with no cases reported.

Masiding Noor Yahya

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