Marawi City creates task force for price freeze monitoring

By Sitti Sheiba Noor Yahya-Casan

MARAWI CITY: Amid the rising complaints of consumers on the surging prices of basic commodities in the city, the Local Price Coordinating Council (LPCC) of the Islamic City of Marawi will create a task force to monitor prices of basic goods and halt overpricing.

In a meeting on Tuesday held at the city mayor’s office, the council has discussed and considered the alleged overpricing that consumers have been complaining for about a month now since the outbreak of the coronavirus disease.

“All complaints raised by consumers were seriously considered and all possible remedies were explored and presented properly in the meeting,” council member city local government officer MASBUD “Skip” A. Gaima II told Ranao Star Philippines.

Gaima said the Council will create a city task force to monitor prices of basic commodities in the city. It will also create mobile stores to serve the public with basic commodities need. It will also hold a program to monitor price freeze during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Among the agenda tackled in the meeting include the following:

  1. Creation of FB page and Chatroom
  2. Review the curfew hours
  3. Provide complaint forms
  4. Regular radio program re: price freeze and control
  5. Provide SRP to the business establishments
  6. Re-establish the Timbangan ng Bayan.
  7. Passage of Ordinance/Resolution on LPCC
  8. Establish information desk

The meeting was attended by CMO represented by Cabsaran Pacasum, Jr., CSO/Consumer Aslani Montila, Media Bae Sora Alem and DJ Casper, MTIT Farhana Mamainte, representatives from CSWO, CAO/MAFAR, SP Secretary, Market Superintendent and MILG-Marawi City represented by Gaima.


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