DOST-10 warns public on Tanduay-Zonrox solution as hand sanitizer


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY: The Department of Science and Technology in Northern Mindanao (DOST-X) has strongly warned the public from using the mixture containing Zonrox bleaching liquid and Tanduay rhum as hand sanitizers.

DOST-10 Regional Director Alfonso P. Alamban categorically renounced the claims of unscrupulous and self-declared chemists or businessmen that this mixture solution containing Zonrox bleaching liquid and Tanduay rhum is a very good substitute to commercial hand sanitizers.

 In a press conference held by the Regional Task Force for COVID-19, DOST-10 Assistant Regional Director Romela N. Ratilla explained the technical differences and the ill-effects of the said mixture when used as sanitizer.
Ratilla said that what is recommended for use as hand sanitizer are those solutions that have 70 percent alcohol content.
Comparing to Tanduay’s 80 proof alcohol content, she said, it takes an alcoholic drink to raise its proof to 140 for it to be considered as 70 percent alcohol solution.
“With the very low alcohol content of Tanduay and mixing it to Zonrox bleaching liquid puts its solution into an unacceptable sanitizer and, with its bleaching agents, definitely not healthy to human skin,” she said.
Both DOST officials sternly warned and advised the general public to never use the Tanduay-Zonrox solution as hand sanitizer.

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