Title bragging is the worst form of hypocrisy

Title bragging is the worst form of hypocrisy

I wish I could understand why there are people who are proud raising eyebrows just because they hold positions they don’t deserve: They do nothing and nothing else of what they are paid for, or privileged for.

A mosque in Marawi Ground Zero or Most Affected Area by the 2017 Marawi Siege. (FB)

I wonder why title bragging is rampant in my society. Everybody would spend to the last cent just to be endowed with that title. To me, that is the worst form of hypocrisy.

I said “my society” because it is in this society that I belong. But this is one outlook of this society that I am not at ease.

If you happen to be in Marawi, dubbed as Islamic city by the proud Maranaos who profess the religion Islam, you can agree to those who call Marawi the city of streamers, or tarpaulins, because no place in the city is spared where a streamer or tarpaulin is not hung.

Those hangers say either “Congratulations to someone who will be enthroned as Sultan, Bailabi, Radiamoda etc.,” or, “Congratulations to someone who passed the Licensure Teachers Exams or Social Workers Board or who Graduatied in College,” or, “Congratulations for being appointed as a government servant.”

Those are things you don’t see in other cultures and norms.

To me, this outlook lets slip conceitedness as if such titles define the social nobility of the holders, being above the others. If it is so, has it any relation somehow to the many plagues engufing our people? (Masiding Noor Yahya)

This article, Title bragging is the worst form of hypocrisy was first published at Mas Ny Files (https://masnyfiles.blogspot.com/)

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