Are we not instilled with ‘fear’ on Covid-19 to be controlled?


Death caused by Covid-19 is much, much lesser than those caused by other transferrable diseases. So why the overkilling panic?

As of posting, only 17 deaths were reported in the Philippines since the deadly coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China last December 2019.

Digging a little indepth will make us realize that deaths caused by other diseases are a thousand times greater than Covid-19 within that period. Yet panic is overkilling us, our emotions.

Is this not a way designed to force us out of fear to follow the so-called New World Order (NWO) through their proxies and their controlled International Non-Government Organizations (INGOs)?

There are people who think so. So why must we panic? We must not allow the evils with their satanic ambitions to control us, the entire humanity, and the whole world, and be their slaves.

What we MUST do is to always take care of our health whether there is a Covid-19 or not. And if necessity calls it, we must defy whatever orders that will curtail our God-given rights as human beings. (RSP)

It is better to die than to be enslaved by the Devil.



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