Sultan Dipatuan seeks postponement of enthronement due to Covid-19


Sultan Diarangan Dipatuan, Sultan of Bacolod Grande and former mayor of Bacolod Kalawi. (RSP)

BACOLOD KALAWI, Lanao del Sur: Sultan Diarangan Dipatuan of the royal house of Bacolod Grande has sought the postponement of the enthronement of Sultans and Bais and other traditional royal titles in Bacolod Kalawi scheduled on April 4, 2020, to April 14, 2020 or later, amid the deadly 2019 Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).

Sultan Dipatuan who is also a former mayor of Bacolod Kalawi municipality said the appeal when he spoke during the creation of Bacolod Kalawi Task Force against the Covid-19 cum intensified information dissemination campaign to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 held at the town covered gym here recently.

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He said how he wished that the fear of the Covid-19 is the same as the fear of Allah. He then appealed to the public to take care of each other.

Bacolod Grande Sultan and Bacolod Kalawi former mayor Diarangan Dipatuan appeals for cooperation in protecting each other amid the pandemic coronavirus 2019. (RSP)

“If you know anyone of our people who arrives from Manila epecially those working or staying at the Greenhills Shopping Center, let’s talk to them but we must be careful,” he added.

He said this is a responsibility of not only barangay chairmen but of everybody else. (With Rocaya Sumndad otical Yahya and Aisha Otical/RSP)

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