Let’s pray in unison vs the COVID-19 plague

I dreamed two nights ago that I had grown unusual thick beards that I didn’t know why. Then I woke up and suddenly came to mind the plague engulfing our world.

I said to myself: “Stay and do your stuff at home except on extremely unavoidable instances. Clean the physical body with water and soap and the soul with constant ‘dhikr’ or remembrance of God in addition to the regular obligatory daily ritual prayers. Eat more fresh fruits and hot green vegies if possible. Always take vitamins to boost the immune system. And be guided accordingly.”

But, then, I failed to follow it. I went out to a gathering yesterday. Now, I realized it was a mistake — a mistake I hope no one won’t commit too. So I decided to stay at home at least half a month from now. If ever I must have to go out, I must observe gov’t advice of wearing facemask, social distancing and other precautions — my entire family not exempted — and, of course, to strengthen my faith and prayers unto Him whose Name is Most Exalted.

I have come to believe that this COVID-19 is made by the satanic leaders of the One World Order movement to control humanity with its antidote they keep to themselves. But there can be no best antidote than what God will prescribe. For it is only God through His appointees who can defeat these evils. And we can only avail of God’s prescribed antidote when the believing world truly seek His Intercession in one and unison.

Let us pray:

“Our God, give us a savior like those You gave to peoples in the past You had guided out of their miseries. Save us from this global pandemic and defeat its satanic carriers. Give us what is good in this world and in the Hereafter and save us from the hellfire. Please always bless us and guide us to the Right Path, the path of those whom You bestow Your Favor, Mercy and Grace, not of those who earn Your anger or who go astray. Ameen.”

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