Argument on the ‘Arsh’ of Allah untimely these days

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The question whether there is really an ‘Arsh’ of Allah or not cropped up recently on social media discussions among students of the Islam religion especially new Maranao so-called Ulama.

These students, many of whom have studied in some Islamic schools of thought abroad, even went to the extent of challenging one another in a debate.

The disagreement lies on whether Allah sits over, above or which part of His Throne — whcih it seems some consider its limited literal meaning than as a relative term.

The Arabic term “Arsh” means “Throne” in English. According to studies, It has been mentioned in the Quran four times (Yusuf:100 and Nahl:23, 38, 42). It is also said that Allah’s “Arsh” has been mentioned in the Quran 21 times.

But to understand the issue, it has to be borne in mind that the Qur’anic verses are more metaphorical than literal and the meaning varies accordingly.

Only scholars therefore with high level of understanding in the subject can authoritatively discuss it.

But COVID-19 needs urgent solution

While we understand that religious discussions are important in our lives, the COVID-19 is an urgent problem nowadays that needs urgent solution.

It has affected humanity with global impact. Due to the coronavirus disease, lives are uselessly lost wealth wasted.

It is of the best interest of all that, meanwhile, we, especially the local Ulama, shelved our differrences on other issues.

Instead, we discuss concretely and objectively without grandstanding the coronavirus-19, with a hope to contribute in finding cure to the pandemic disease. #MyFridayTake

(Masiding Noor Yahya)

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